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Heart Warming Stories from our Guild Members

One evening whilst Natasha Poffley, from The English Charm Company was catching up on her social media marketing, she came across a post which had been shared by lots of people around the country and which really touched her.

It was a post made by the friend of a young lady in Glasgow who had lost a cherished piece of Jewellery, made for her in memory of her late father.

The charm featured her fathers’ fingerprint, angel wings and her fathers handwriting.  She had lost the charm at the airport and was distraught at not finding the charm before her flight departed.

Natasha said:  "The charms were so personal and under the circumstances, even more precious.  I was so touched by the story that I wanted to help, so I got in touch with the lady and offered to make her a replica charm."

Natasha asked the lady if she had a copy of the fingerprint and any writing from her father, either in a card or a letter, that Natasha could then use to recreate the original charm.  Fortunately,  the lady had a copy of the fingerprints from the Funeral Directors and her Dad’s signature from a birthday card.  Natasha asked her to send these, along with pictures of the original charm so that she could replicate the charm as closely as possible.

A few weeks later the charm was ready and Natasha sent it to the the lady gift boxed.  She was so happy when she received it!

Natasha said;  "The lady was so overwhelmed and happy when she received it!"  Natasha added;  "One thing I'm learning over the years is that my job really makes a difference to people and touches people's hearts. That's why I'm so passionate about what I do!"

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