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Fingerprint Jewellery in Shropshire

Below are details of companies supplying Fingerprint Jewellery in Shropshire. The Keepsake Guild is a directory that helps promote Fingerprint Jewellery companies online and helps customers looking for professional Fingerprint Jewellery providers in Shropshire. We expect our members to work to the highest standards of craftmanship and to provide excellent levels of service.

Details of companies are split by town/area below. The areas covered in Shropshire include All of Shropshire, Bridgnorth, Craven Arms, Ironbridge, Ludlow, Newport - Shropshire, Oswestry, Shifnal, Shrewsbury, Telford, Whitchurch - Shropshire.

All of Shropshire >> Fingerprint Jewellery companies in All of Shropshire

Bambino Bazaar
Bambino Bazaar - helping you create keepsakes. We offer a variety of services including pottery painting, 3D baby and adult life casting and bespoke handcrafted silver keepsake jewellery. We can come to you in the comfort of your home or find us at various venues and events across Shropshire.

Telford >> Fingerprint Jewellery companies in Telford

Hold upon Heart Fingerprint Jewellery
Fingerprint & Handprint Jewellery featuring your fingerprints, handprints & footprints in sterling silver with Free UK Delivery & Free Gift Box! Gorgeous fingerprint jewellery & handprint charm jewellery including charms, rings, necklaces & bracelets, keyrings & cufflinks, perfect for prints from babies to adults.

Ellen's Fingerprint Jewellery
At Ellen's Fingerprint Jewellery we specialise in creating handcrafted pure silver, bronze and copper charms using your children's fingerprints, hand and footprints and their special drawings or handwriting. Unique keepsakes created with love to wear close to your heart.