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Fingerprint Jewellery in Norfolk

Below are details of companies supplying Fingerprint Jewellery in Norfolk. The Keepsake Guild is a directory that helps promote Fingerprint Jewellery companies online and helps customers looking for professional Fingerprint Jewellery providers in Norfolk. We expect our members to work to the highest standards of craftmanship and to provide excellent levels of service.

Details of companies are split by town/area below. The areas covered in Norfolk include Attleborough, Cromer, Dereham, Diss, Fakenham, Holt, Hunstanton, Kings Lynn, Norwich, Sheringham, Swaffham, Thetford, Walsingham, Wells-next-the-Sea, West Rudham.

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3D Castings Norfolk
Specialising in Capturing precious moments in time by offering a bespoke Mobile 3D Baby/Adult Casting Service, Lovers hands, belly casts, group prints, Pure Silver Keepsake prints and fingerprints, Ceramic hand and feet pottery prints of your baby or family, Child, Toddler Clay prints . Every crease and wrinkle can be captured in every technique and can be displayed to your requirements. All hand crafted for you to cherish for a very long time.

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Beloved Castings & Charms
Beloved Castings & Charms

Sticky Prints (more details)

T: 01493 742081 - W: Sticky Prints Fingerprint Jewellery

Sticky Prints provide a personalised service to our customers wishing to capture their loved one's foot, hand or fingerprints forever in solid silver, stone or ceramic. Hand crafted from our studio in Filby, Norfolk, our collection includes Silver Fingerprint Jewellery, 3D Baby Castings, Stone Outprints, Ceramic Impressions and Pottery Prints. For animal lovers we even capture your dogs paw prints! Sticky Prints - Memories, captured, forever.