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Guild Member of the Month - Pauline Beesley of Granny Beesley's

This week we spoke with Pauline Beesley of Granny Beesley's, who took the leap of faith to start her own Creative Small Business in August 2017, following a serious health-scare, which forced her to re-evaluate her life. 

Read on to discover Pauline's inspiring story:

What did you do before you started your Creative Small Business?  

I worked in Education as a Senior Business manager setting up welfare to work programmes across the south of England. Then in July 2015 I was diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer. The treatment left me with peripheral neuropathy meaning I couldn't feel the end of my fingers. A friend suggested I started sewing and using clays to get the sensation back - thus began my journey into the world of crafts.

What motivated you to start your own Keepsake Business?  

After being so seriously ill I wanted a career I enjoyed and would allow me a quality and flexible lifestyle.  We opened a sweet shop firstly, and then with the extra floor space we decided we could do children's pottery painting and offer a service to new parents, helping them to capture their little one's early day's with bespoked made Keepsakes.  

Which Training Courses have you completed in order to start and grow your Keepsake Business?

I have completed The Craft Ecadmey Online Courses in: Ceramic Imprints, 3D Baby Casting and training Pottery Painting and Memory Bears elsewhere. I'm also planning to extend my product range by introducing new complimentary keepsakes and I therefore plan to attend the Stone Outprints, Fingerprint Jewellery and Artwork Jewellery training courses in the future.

I thougt the Online Training Courses were brilliant, not only the quality and detail of the video content but also alll of the Business and Training Manuals that come with each e-course and the online help-desk support. 

 I would lalso like to do the Resin Casting  and Cold Cast Metal Casting Courses in the near future.

What motivated you to join The Keepsake Guild Ltd?  

I wanted to be part of a professional community and gain access to continued help and support.  Being a member of The Keepsake Guild help's to differentiate and add prestige to my business and helps with search engine rankings and online visibility through the listing on the Guild Memeber's Directory.

What is your experience of being a member of The Keepsake Guild? What do you consider to be the main benefits of Membership?  

Acess to ressources, including the online help-desk, Guild Members Forum and discounts on online courses and studio courses.  I have found it to be a really friendly community, the private facebook group is a great way to network with other Creative Business Owners and to ask questions and share ideas.

Please provide a bit of background about your Business and your plans for the future? 

The business opened in August 2017 and is quickly growing a reputation as a place to buy and create bespoke and personalised gifts. We believe that the best gifts come from the heart and at Granny Beesley's the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

> Please visit Pauline's Profile Page at Granny Beesley's


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